Severe blockages can result in bursting of pipes and water leakages which can be potential damage to your home or even business facilities. If blockages are critical, it is essential to contact plumbers in Phoenix AZ for help in unclogging. However, before you reach the plumber, here are the first tips you should know to get rid of your drain clogging.

Use a caustic cleaner

Caustic chemical drain cleaners can dissolve food, hair grease and other common drain materials that clog drains and sewers. When your pipes are clogged, purchase it in your local hardware or supermarkets and use it to unblock.

However, ensure you protect your face and hands whenever using chemicals and remember to flush your pipes with water afterward to remove any chemical remains.

DIY Natural cleaner

You can make your drain cleaner using white vinegar and baking soda. You need to pour the baking powder in the drain followed by vinegar and get them covered to prevent them from bubbling from the pipe.

The reaction between these two chemicals produces oxygen which inside the clogged pipes and clears them out. Repeating this process few times gets rid of the blockages, and all you need to do is to pour some hot water to flush your pipes and remove any remaining residues.

Use of boiled water

Boiled water is an easy and quick fix for your clogged drains. Pouring boiled water into the clogged drains helps in dissolving and loosening the blockage without having to look for more extreme measures. However, use this method only on ceramic pipes or metals to avoid loosening the joints on PVC pipes by heat. This method is effective on grease and food blockages.


Just as they can be used to unblock toilets, plungers can be used to unblock clogged drains too. Covering any overflow sprouts helps in getting a secure seal which creates the up and down pressure and loosens any blockage in your pipes.

This method is most useful for substantial blockages. If it does not work, do not let leakages spoil your home. Emergency plumber phoenix can fix your problem and have your pipes flowing smoothly again.


Hydro-jets can help unblock clogged pipes by forcing powerful streams of water through the pipes. The water creates pressure which forces the blockage through and out of pipes hence clearing. Although this method is not useful for solid obstructions, it is safer as it cannot cause pipe damages.


When you have tried all the options above, and they have not worked, this is where professional help comes in. Plumbers can identify the precise location of the blockage and determine which pipe needs excavation. After excavation, the plumber can decide if the tube needs replacement or repair.

Call to Action

The above tips are all you need to know and get rid of clogged drains and sewer. However, if they do not work, do not wait until your pipes are damaged. Option one plumbing are specialists who you can contact for more information to solve your clogging problems.

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