Think of all the water fixtures in your home. Which fixtures could you live without? Which would turn your life into a disaster the minute they disappeared? Of all the water fixtures in your house, few have the same importance as the toilet. Sure, you could go use a latrine, but what about those snowy or rainy days or dark nights when walking outside would be uncomfortable?

Toilets make modern life so much more convenient, and they’ve become so commonplace that you probably don’t think about them until your own porcelain throne has trouble that you might need to look for Plumbers in Phoenix AZ.

If your toilet goes on the fritz, you can sometimes solve the problem yourself. But if you notice any of the signs below, you should leave the repair to your local plumber instead. You’ll end up with a better result and feel less stress if you let a professional tackle these situations.

1. Your Toilet Clogs More Than Once a Week

When you use your toilet and your digestive system responsibly, you’ll only experience the occasional clog. But if you find that your toilet clogs more than once a week, then the problem may lie with your toilet. The parts that manage flushing may have worn out or a partial blockage may lie hidden deep in your plumbing.

Whatever the case, you’ll need a professional plumber to replace the parts or dislodge the blockage.

2. Your Toilet Only Flushes a Little or Not at All

If your toilet can’t even attempt a flush, then something has gone wrong with the flushing mechanism, and you likely lack the tools and know-how to make the repairs yourself. You might even need replacement parts. So, you should leave the repair to an experienced emergency plumber Phoenix who will install the right parts in the correct way.

3. The Toilet Tank or Bowl Do Not Refill With Water After Flushing

A toilet’s tank doesn’t refill only if the fill valve malfunctions. This valve will require replacement, and you have to make sure you get the right one and fit it the right way. In most cases, unless you have experience troubleshooting toilets, you should have your plumber make this repair. After he or she has finished, you can have confidence that your toilet will empty and refill reliably.

4. The Toilet Has Standing Water Around Its Base

Standing water shows that your toilet has a leak, and it probably has one around its seal. You’ll need to replace the seal to stop the leak. Don’t put off repairing the leak either-a leaking toilet seal can waste more water than a dripping faucet, and you don’t want to deal with the added expense.

5. You Find Leaking Cracks in the Toilet’s Porcelain

Leaks don’t always come from the seal. They might come from fractures in the porcelain around the tank or bowl. Inspect these areas when you clean them to ensure they don’t have cracks. And if anything heavy or solid falls on your toilet, check these areas to make sure the impact didn’t break them.

6. The Toilet Runs Constantly, Even When You Haven’t Flushed It

In some cases, you can fix this problem by simply jiggling the flapper valve to make it close properly. But if the issue happens over and over, you might need a new flapper or even a new toilet. Only an inspection from a professional plumber will tell you what you need to do next.

7. You See Rust or Corrosion on the Toilet’s Metal Parts

Rust and corrosion show that your toilet has worn out. The wear may only occur on certain parts, so you’ll just have to replace those components. But if you see widespread wear and corrosion, then you’ll need to replace your entire toilet.

Don’t wait if you see any of the signs listed above. Contact your plumber for assistance. And if you experience a unique problem that you didn’t see on this list, you should still make the call. The faster you act, the less stress and water damage you’ll have to deal with later.

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