Having a clogged pipe at your house is a sign of a serious problem with your drainage. If DIY won’t do any good, it could be a high time to contact one of the plumbers in Phoenix to help you.

There are various signs that you will see which will alarm you towards cleaning your drains to improve drainage. Some of these signs include the following:

  • The sink takes longer to drain.
  • There is a bad odor from the bathroom or the toilet, sometimes in the kitchen.
  • Water pools at your feet as you shower.

You need to deal with these signs early enough before it goes out of control. There are various ways that you can use to clean your drainage as discussed below:

Motorized Drain Augers

The Drain augers are also known as motorized drain snakes. They are more technical and are more a better version of the manually operated drain snake. This snake looks like a long metal coil that The auger consists of a long metal coil that winds down into your drain until you get hold of the obstacle. The drain auger operates by the motor which rotates the coil so that it can drill the obstruction and break it. Professional plumbers should operate this equipment because it can destroy the drain pipes.

Drain Cleaning with A Plunger

Plungers are one of the most common ways people use to unblock clogged drains. Majority of clogged pipes can be corrected using the plunger. It is a cheap and fast way of cleaning drains. This method is also cost effective and it will help you save by not spoiling other pipes in the process of unblocking them. The plunger works by placing the rubber head at the drain hence sealing the air. Then push and ensure a pop sound comes out, until the water begins to drain


Using a hydro-jetter is also a way of cleaning drains. The Hydro-jetters allow a plumber to break through a block and scrubbing inside the pipe. These devices contain a nozzle that runs under 360°. The plumber simply introduces the hosepipe into the drain. The high-pressure water moves to the nozzle and the drain becomes clean. Some people prefer this method because the pressure produced thoroughly cleans the remains of the dirt, and makes it hard for dirt to remain inside and build up. However, this method should be used with care as it may be dangerous to handle it.

When to Contact a Plumber

There are various reasons that will make you call a professional to help you clean the drains.

  • Endless Odor is an indicator that you should call a profession. A profession clean will help get rid of the debris causing the smell. If you continuously clean, the pipes may end up breaking. Phoenix has professional plumbers that will help in cleaning.
  • Slow drains that are not draining even after using a plunger. Delayed drain shows that there is a clog and you should call a professional.
  • Returning clogs. Frequent clogs may be caused by hair for example. If the clogs keep on returning, a professional has the equipment needed to get hold of the clog and remove it.