For most of us, the most significant financial investment we make is our home. It is our sanctuary; it is where we house our belongings and where our families feel safe. That’s why when we look to hire a professional plumber, we do our research. We compare rates, check their reviews and ensure that they have been in business for some time. While this is a good practice and the norm, it is also important to make sure the company you hire is licensed. Improperly installed plumbing can pose a health risk to you, your family and pets as well as cause major property damage. A licensed plumber ensures that they have the proper training and knowledge required by the state.

What does it mean to be a licensed plumber?

A plumbing license is legal proof that all education and training required by your state has been met. This involves thousands of hours of education and on the job experience as an apprentice working on all kinds of plumbing installations, issues and repairs. How do you become a licensed plumber? You must pass a licensing exam, obtain liability insurance and pass a background check all verified by the state. There is no requirement for unlicensed plumbers and their skill and knowledge has not been sanctioned or verified by the state. You are at your own risk when hiring unlicensed plumbers.

Why does it matter?

A plumbing license is more than just a piece of paper. It certifies that they are legally able to provide plumbing services in the state. There is also a legal responsibility that obligates them to be insured, follow and comply with current state building codes and laws to remain licensed. A licensed plumber is always held to a higher standard.

There is always a risk when hiring an unlicensed plumber. Unskilled and unaware of building codes or laws put you, your family and property at risk. What’s worse is you can be financially liable to pay medical bills and loss wages should the unlicensed plumber get injured on your property. Licensed plumbers are insured so you are not liable for any injuries. Keep this in mind when googling to “find a plumber near me.”

Hiring a licensed plumber ensures you will receive a plumber of the highest training, a plumber that will follow the law and be licensed and bonded. Hiring a licensed plumber like Option One Plumbing gives you peace of mind knowing that the job is not only done, but done right.