San Diego California Home Maintenance Tips on Summer Season 

San Diego, also known as the Valley of the Sun, they are situated on the mostly deserted area of California. It is like living in hell being exposed to heat on a longer season of the year. And because you choose to be in this place rather than other parts of America, there must be something that keeps you here. Owning a real estate one easy task as housing rates are very low in San Diego. Maintenance is another task that an owner should be responsible for.

Here are various San Diego home maintenance tips on a hot summer season.

  1. Home Maintenance TipsAir conditioners are on top priority in order to live comfortably in San Diego. It should be well maintained making sure it is running smoothly especially on summer months. Check that it is draining properly and not clogging anywhere as this is the main source of trouble.
  2. Light bulbs contribute to the heat produced inside the house. Replace them with fluorescent lamps so your home will be cooler and it also minimize energy cost making you save even a little penny. In addition, fluorescent lamps last longer than light bulbs.
  3. Check your roofing outside and inside. The roof covers you from direct sunlight. These being exposed are very easy to be damaged, so regularly check parts that are worn out and replace immediately. Also, check the inside if there are holes or missing screws.
  4. Install drapes or shades on your windows to keep the cool air inside and to block warm air from getting in. Clean and well-maintained drapes do not only look beautiful but also maximizes its functionality.
  5. If you don’t want drapes or shades, try having your windows treated. There are various window treatments that will help filter out harmful rays of the sun from coming into your home and protect the interiors and furniture inside.
  6. Clean your gutter. Accumulating leaves and other items on your gutter contributes to the circulation of humidity inside your house. Keeping it clean will prevent mold from growing and minimizing bad smell around your property. This will also help you prepare for the coming monsoon and winter season ahead.
  7. Monitor swimming pool from any debris, leaves, and other materials dangerous to swimmers. Summer is the swimming season, thus checking the cleanliness and safety before the season is a must. Clean the baskets, filters, backwash, and shock the pool if necessary. It is recommended to drain your pool every 3-5 years due to TDS (total dissolved solid) and build up in the pool. This makes it difficult to hold the proper chemical balance and the pool may appear cloudy.
  8. Pipeline and drainage of your home hold the most waste produced every day. The food waste going through your sink may contribute to clogging the drainage. The usual shower and soaking in the tub are adding stress to the common capacity of the water pipes resulting in leaks. To check if you have good working pipes, call the number one plumber in San Diego CaliforniaOption One Plumbing, and Rooters. They cover major San Diego plumbing works and are available to service households 24/7.