San Diego Weather

San Diego weather is known for its year round sun and warm temperatures. Being known as the Valley of the Sun, San Diego is exposed to high temperatures making its major structures susceptible to natural destruction. One of the backbones of any livable structure – house, building, office, shopping mall, government office is the plumbing. And while everyone is concerned about the air conditioning during hot weather, very few think about plumbing.

As the summer is starting to take its wave this season, there are parties everywhere, people are coming over to each other’s house, swimming day and night, your house plumbing is taking the stress of processing all the water disposal of these events. The waste from the barbecue party will be going to your drainage and if not properly cleaned, will start to clog the pipes and the big contributor is the oil and other fibrous residues from the left overs like rice, corn, and bread. Daily swimming parties are a similar issue to look into as the dirt of the swimmers will stick to the pipes and gutters. The solution, constantly cleaning all the areas used and make sure nothing is left behind. If home remedies failed, always call a trusted San Diego plumber.

Not just clogged pipes, leakage is another problem homeowners will face during the hot San Diego weather. Garden hose and sprinklers are most affected as these are exposed to direct heat. The parts will be brittle if left for a prolonged period under the sun. Another reason for leakage is the bursting due to oversupply. The rapid flow of water causes the pipe to overflow especially if the ones installed is the weak one or if there are minor cracks already, it will eventually break.

What to do to keep your pipes safe?

A home remedy such as hot water, baking soda, and drinking soda to clean a clogged pipe is one suggestion. Over the counter, a sealant can be used for temporary sealing cracked pipes. Checking of the visible plumbing connections should be done on a regular basis to avoid further bigger damage. Maintaining a clean environment (around the house or office) is the key. Don’t let anything on the sink after washing the dishes. Fallen hair should not be spotted as well on the bathroom. Keep your lawn moist so the pipes won’t get dry.

By doing so, you are not only helping your household on the future damages but on the environment as well. Water leakage can cause problems with water resources by wasting millions of gallons of water and it also shuts off water to numerous consumers when they need it the most.

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