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Upland California Electronic Leak Detection And Repair Services

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Electronic Leak Detection Services by
Option One Plumbing in Upland, CA

Our team uses state-of-the-art electronic leak detection equipment to find hidden water leaks in your home. This non-invasive method allows us to locate leaks quickly and accurately, preventing further damage to your property. We offer same-day service to residents in Upland, Ca.

What is Electronic Leak Detection?

Modern methods such as electronic leak detection can find and locate leaks in plumbing systems without requiring destructive actions. It entails locating leaks precisely, even those concealed behind walls, under floors, or beneath concrete slabs, using specialized equipment like electronic amplification devices, infrared cameras, and thermal imaging technology. This non-intrusive method reduces disturbance to your property while detecting leaks, saving you time as well.


Take action right away to prevent major harm to your house and finances.

Option One Plumbing has over 30 year of experience in Upland, Ca. and surrounding areas. We offer advanced electronic leak detection services to homeowners in the area. Highly skilled and experienced plumbing professionals utilizes cutting-edge equipment and techniques to quickly and accurately identify water leaks in residential properties.

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"Brent and Rubin are both amazing. Brent was able to fix the problem completely, cleanly, and fast. Rubin was honest and helpful. Every time I've used them I have continued to see the professional and helpful attitude of everyone."

— Jennifer K.
Upland, CA

"Christian did a great job. He was polite and explained everything and checked out water and gas lines."

— Ovais V.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Very Professional. Very Skilled. Worth it! Better than the last place I called. Call them and don't waste your time anywhere else."

— Seiz B.
Ontario, CA

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