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Why Do I Need to Fix My Faucet?

Over time, a leaking faucet can increase how much water you use and cause serious damage to your house. Broken or loose handles or knobs should not be disregarded. The EPA estimates that each family wastes 180 gallons of water annually as a result of leaks in the home. The area around one of the leaks will get wet, and mold can spread quickly, causing unpleasant odors, further health issues, and water damage. By accelerating the rate at which minerals increase on the filter, leaks could block the flow of water through the faucet.

Bathroom & Bathtub Faucet Repair & Installation

Slowly dripping bathroom faucets, which are typically the result of worn washers or seats in the faucet assembly, can significantly increase your water bill. It can be difficult to ignore these kinds of annoying leaks, but they need to be fixed right away in order to save water and prevent more significant water damage. The plumbers at Option One are skilled in installing and fixing all kinds of bathroom faucets, such as:





Are you renovating your home? Option One Plumbing can help you with installing new bathroom faucets and other plumbing fixtures in addition to repairing bathtub faucets.

Kitchen Faucet & Sink Repairs

To get your faucet working again, you can replace or upgrade the seals, o-rings, and bearings. It could be necessary to replace the spacer, valve, or cartridge if the leak is continuous. Our team can assist with installing or repairing a brand-new sink and do the task perfectly the first time. 

Outdoor Hose Bib and Faucet Repair

Frozen water expands within pipes during the cold winter months, damaging your plumbing like faucets and hose bibs. Outdoor fixtures that leak may potentially be signs of more serious plumbing problems, such as broken supply or sewage lines.

Is It Worth Repairing My Faucet?

The majority of faucets on the market have a lifespan of roughly ten years. Option One can always install the fixture you provide, however we always suggest using our supplied brands as we provide warranties for both parts an labor. We only use products recommended by the PHCC.

Six Preventative Measures To Avoid

Prevent These 6 Plumbing Problems In The Future.



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