Gas Leak Detection & Repairs
in Chandler, Arizona

Don't compromise on gas safety, choose Option One Plumbing for reliable gas leak detection and repairs. We offer comprehensive solutions that prioritize safety and peace of mind for residents and businesses alike.

Gas Leak Detection & Repairs in Chandler, Arizona

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Pinpoint the exact location of leaks with precision.

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Gas leaks pose a serious threat to both residential and commercial properties, emphasizing the need for reliable detection and swift repairs. Option One Plumbing is your trusted service provider in the realm of detection and repairing plumbing issues in Chandler, AZ.

Understanding the Dangers of Untreated Gas Leaks

Gas leaks can have severe consequences, ranging from health hazards to property damage. Inhaling natural gas can lead to respiratory problems, dizziness, and nausea. Additionally, the highly flammable nature of gas increases the risk of fire or explosions. Identifying and addressing the problem as soon as possible to mitigate these dangers.

Arizona Same-Day Plumbing Repairs

Gas leaks can occur due to various reasons, including faulty appliances, aging pipelines, or poor installation. Detecting gas leaks early is crucial to prevent potential disasters. Option One Plumbing employs state-of-the-art technology and skilled professionals to conduct thorough gas leak inspections. Regular detection ensures the safety of residents and the longevity of gas systems.

Services Offered by Option One Plumbing

1. Gas Leak Inspections: Thorough examinations of gas systems to identify potential leaks.

2. Emergency Repairs: Swift response to emergency situations, ensuring immediate repairs.

3. Pipeline Replacements: Upgrading aging pipelines to enhance the safety and efficiency of gas systems.

4. Preventive Maintenance: Scheduled check-ups to address any potential issues before they escalate.

Option One Plumbing prioritizes customer satisfaction and safety. We communicate transparently with our clients, explaining the detected issues and proposing effective solutions. Our commitment to reliability and integrity has earned us a stellar reputation in Chandler, AZ and surrounding areas.


Give us a call at (602)252-4240 if you suspect a gas leak. We're here to make sure you're safe and to give you back your peace of mind, day or night. We service Chandler, AZ. and surrounding areas for over 30 years.

Keep in mind that when it comes to any leaks, safety comes first. You can rely on Option One Plumbing's experts to provide trustworthy leak detection and repair services.

Ensuring Safety: Detecting Gas Leaks

5 Ways to Detect Hazard Property Leaks.



"We hired Option One Plumbing for a camera inspection on our 1950s home prior to purchasing. I thought they were fair and honest and the cost was very reasonable. I will be using Option One again when we have future plumbing needs."

— Roberta H.
Chandler, AZ

"Sammy and Robert and all of their other technicians have always done a great job for us. Communication is great and they can always fix our problem. They are courteous and conscientious and I highly recommend them!"

— Nancy S.
Chandler, AZ

"The plumber who came was an hour earlier than expected which worked out great for me! He was fast and friendly. I would highly recommend their services for any of your plumbing needs. An overall great experience!"

— Taylor A.
Chandler, AZ

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