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When water supply lines corrode, wear out, or crack, particularly in homes built on slab, you can choose to do a single line repair. Typically if a single line is compromised, then usually the rest of the system follows. If there are multiple leaks, or if the home is over 50 years old, then a repipe might be the best solution. Repiping refers to replacing and rerouting water supply lines, not the sewer line. Many plumbers will reroute the incoming supply lines in the slab to the outside along walls or inside through walls and ceilings. Repiping your home will save you money by avoiding costly leak repairs and at the same time add appeal and value to your property.


An older decaying plumbing system can contaminate your water with rust and other minerals. A home repipe can provide your family with rust free water. Repiping will provide you with new pipes and peace of mind knowing that the chances of leaks will be minimized. You will notice a difference in water pressure as leaks are eliminated and you will love the savings on your water bills.


Most home insurance policies cover water damage but not plumbing



Copper is usually the go to option for a home repipe due to its durability, superior thermal conductivity, and has been used by plumbers for decades. Copper fittings are leak proof and copper is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Because copper is impermeable, it is excellent for outdoor use. Copper is also biostatic, meaning bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces.


Crosslinked polyethylene or PEX is being frequently used in repiping recently. It is a flexible material that is much cheaper than copper. PEX uses less fittings, does not corrode, and resists freezing. It is much easier and faster to install and is ideal for areas too small for copper. Because PEX expands and contracts, it is not suitable for outdoor use and can be damaged by wildlife.

In conclusion, the main difference between these two materials is ease of installation and durability. Depending on your situation, Option One can advise and recommend solutions for your home repipe. Count on us to provide flat rate pricing and dependable service as your top local plumber.

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"Awesome work! Originally I called because I could hear my hot water running somewhere in the house and my floor was warm in the kitchen and bathroom. My options were remove kitchen cabinets and jack hammer up the slab to possibly fix the leak or repipe the house. I opted with the repipe since it was the least invasive and best for the long run. Honestly, spending money for repairs on a house is the least favorite thing for me about being a homeowner. However, dealing with people who are courteous, professional, helpful, and go above and beyond make it comforting; which is what I encountered with Option One."

— Steven C.
Fontana, CA

"Let me start by saying wow. This company is awesome. I just had my house repipe done by them and let me say everything they promised was true and then some. As promised they showed up on time and ready to go. The whole crew was efficient, fast, and friendly. Also the attention to detail was impressive. I would definitely give them more stars if I could. From start to finish they handled business and answered any questions I had and resolved any issues I had with my existing pipes/water heater. They also gave a no worries warranty on all work done for years to come. Definitely will use them again if needed."

— Joshua S.
San Bernardino, CA

"Fast, reliable, and up front on pricing and scope of work. We use them for both of our restaurants and most recently our sewer line was clogged late in the evening and these guys were out the next morning at 7am working on the problem. Massive excavation had to take place in a small time frame (during a snowstorm) they had everything fixed and back together later that same day."

— Ryan H.
Jackson, WY

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