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What Is A Home Repiping?

One option for fixing corroded, worn-out, or cracked water supply lines is a single line repair, especially in slab-built homes. If one line gets compromised, the system as a whole usually gets compromised as well. A repipe may be the best option if there are numerous leaks or if your house in Upland, CA is more than 50 years old. Repiping is the process of changing and rerouting water supply lines—not the sewer line.A common practice among plumbers is to divert the slab's incoming supply lines either inside through walls and ceilings or outside along walls. Repiping will increase the appeal and value of your house while saving you money by preventing the need for pricey leak repairs.

Why Should My Home In Upland Need Repipe?

Rust and other minerals can contaminate your water from an outdated, deteriorating plumbing system. If your home's plumbing system is outdated or frequently requiring repairs, it may be time for whole house repiping. Our team can replace your old pipes with new, high-quality ones that will last for years to come. As leaks are fixed, you'll notice a difference in the water pressure and appreciate the lower water bill you'll be paying.


Most home insurance policies cover water damage but not plumbing

Types of pipes used in Upland for Whole House Repiping


Copper is usually the go to option for a home repipe due to its durability, superior thermal conductivity, and has been used by plumbers for decades. Copper fittings are leak proof and copper is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly. Because copper is impermeable, it is excellent for outdoor use. Copper is also biostatic, meaning bacteria, yeasts, and viruses are rapidly killed on metallic copper surfaces.


Crosslinked polyethylene or PEX is being frequently used in repiping recently. It is a flexible material that is much cheaper than copper. PEX uses less fittings, does not corrode, and resists freezing. It is much easier and faster to install and is ideal for areas too small for copper. Because PEX expands and contracts, it is not suitable for outdoor use and can be damaged by wildlife.

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