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Upland California Sewer Camera Inspection Services

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Regular Sewer Camera Inspections Can Help You Avoid Expensive Repairs

Our home's plumbing is primarily, if not entirely, concealed underground or behind walls. It's challenging to identify the source of your sewer and drain problems if you can't physically see inside your plumbing drains. With the use of cutting-edge cameras that can examine your drain and sewer pipes from the inside, Option One Plumbing removes all uncertainty from your plumbing. High-definition video produced by this process can be viewed in real time or stored for later viewing.

Is A Sewer Camera Inspection Necessary?

A sewer camera inspection would be the best tool to see what is causing the blockage or confirm the broken or damaged sewer pipes if you suspect that you have offset, collapsed, or blocked sewer pipes. When addressing sewer issues, a sewer video inspection will often be the first step.

Our Procedure For Sewer Camera Inspection In Upland

Our team visits your property at a time that works best for you to start the process. We accurately diagnose any problems by inserting a flexible rod equipped with a high-definition camera into your sewer lines. This allows us to view a real-time video feed. We can see everything, including blockages, pipe corrosion, and tree root intrusion. After determining the issue's root cause, we provide with options to determine the most effective plan of action.

sewer scope illustration


Cracked or Collapsed Pipe

We offer options for replacing or repairing damaged pipes in your sewer lines.

Offset Pipes

Faulty installation, freezing ground, or shifting soil cause the sewer pipes to become misaligned.

Broken Sewer

Every year, when installing new lines, utility companies drill through sewer lines.

Sewer Camera Efficiency
90 - 95% Efficiency

How To Identify & Fix Common Leaks

Learn How To Save Hundreds Every Year



"I requested drains to be cleared after watching a commercial of a $68.00 fee per drain. I received complimentary camera inspections for further diagnosis. The camera inspection revealed a broken pipe. The work was completed in two days."

— Sharon L.
Phoenix, AZ

"Matt removed the toilet and camera-ed the pipe starting at the toilet. It turns out the roots entered the toilet from a gap between the slab and toilet flange, which was visible in the camera monitor, and Matt pulled out a root that had ringed itself around the lip of the flange."

— Shauna-Rae B.
Phoenix, AZ

"They did what they said, charged what they advertised, and I got to watch the camera work in the pipes. They were prompt, very friendly, and I would recommend this company to anyone needing a good plumber!"

— Randi V.
Phoenix, AZ

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