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Avoid Costly Repairs with Regular Sewer Camera Inspections

Most if not all of our plumbing is hidden in the walls or underneath our home or underground. Finding the root of your sewer and drain issues is difficult without being able to physically see inside your plumbing drains. At Option One Plumbing we take the guesswork out of your plumbing by utilizing state of the art camera’s that can inspect the whole condition of your drain and sewer pipes from the inside. This process sends back hi-resolution video, that can be seen onsite or recorded for later viewing.


If you suspect that you have drain blockages, collapsed sewer pipes, or offset sewer pipes, a sewer camera inspection would be best tool to use to see what is causing the blockage or confirm the broken or damaged sewer pipes. A video inspection is often the first step in resolving sewer problems


Sewer Camera Inspection for Commercial & Residential

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Cracked or Collapsed Pipe

Most damaged pipes requiring repair or replacement and we also have options for repairing or replacing the sewer such as...

Offset Pipes

This happens when sewer pipes have become misaligned due to shifting soil, frozen ground, Improper installation or not compacting the soil properly. The most common way a pipe becomes offset is when the tree roots push the pipe apart.

Broken Sewer

One of the most common reason for broken sewer lines come from human error. Utility companies drill through sewer lines every year when installing new lines. When we come across a situation like this, we document the project from start to finish to help you get reimbursed for the cost of repair.

Root Intrusion

Tree roots or shrub roots are the most common problems with sewer clogs. We can remove most roots with a drain snake but if the job requires more, we can hydro jet the line and run a sewer camera to give you the best options available and most cost affective. Tree roots are attracted to the nutrients in sewer lines.

Plumbing Solutions

Our technicians are trained and specialize in performing and analyzing sewer video inspections. We have saved residential homeowners, potential home buyers and commercial businesses thousands of dollars over the years as a result of our specialized sewer inspections.

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"I requested drains to be cleared after watching a commercial of a $68.00 fee per drain. I received complimentary camera inspections for further diagnosis. The camera inspection revealed a broken pipe. The work was completed in two days."

— Sharon L.
Ontario, CA

"Matt removed the toilet and camera-ed the pipe starting at the toilet. It turns out the roots entered the toilet from a gap between the slab and toilet flange, which was visible in the camera monitor, and Matt pulled out a root that had ringed itself around the lip of the flange."

— Shauna-Rae B.
Pinal County, AZ

"They did what they said, charged what they advertised, and I got to watch the camera work in the pipes. They were prompt, very friendly, and I would recommend this company to anyone needing a good plumber!"

— Randi V.
Norco, CA

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