Toilet Repair & Installation
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Comprehensive toilet repair and installation services in Tempe, AZ, ensuring reliable solutions for all your plumbing needs.

Toilet Repair & Installation in Tempe, Arizona

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We specialize in all types and brands of toilets.

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At Option One Plumbing, we recognize the value of having a dependable and fully operational toilet in your residence or place of business. Our knowledgeable technicians offer 24-hour emergency plumbing services to quickly attend to your needs and are experts in thorough toilet installations and repairs.

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When it comes to toilet installations, trust Option One Plumbing to deliver exceptional service and superior craftsmanship. Our technicians are experienced in working with a variety of well-known toilet manufacturers, ensuring precision installation and long-lasting performance.

Whether you're upgrading to a more modern toilet model or replacing an old unit, our team will guide you through the selection process, offering valuable insights and recommendations to help you choose the right toilet for your home or business. We prioritize quality and attention to detail, ensuring that your new toilet is installed correctly the first time, guaranteeing optimal functionality and performance for years to come.


Although toilet clogs are common, they may be a sign of a more serious problem that could lead to sewage backups. A plunger can assist in quickly clearing the obstruction, but if it continues over time, you should speak with an expert to determine the cause of the clogs.


If you run the toilet, you will waste water and have a higher water bill. Your toilet's internal parts need to be in good working order to ensure that no water is wasted. If the flapper valve is worn out, water will seep into the bowl.


Our plumbers have years of experience and have fixed toilets from brands like American Standard, Kohler, Duravit, Delta, and Toto. You can count on us to modernize your toilet for both home and business settings.

How To Fix A Clogged Toilet

Step-by-Step Guide to Fixing a Clogged Toilet



"Fixed my toilet and he is super professional."

— Alec R.
Tempe, AZ

"He was on time, friendly and quick. I would highly recommend their services."

— Karen S.
Tempe, AZ

"Very professional Sam came out and was able to get to work and did a great job of asking the right questions to find a conclusion! Thanks Sam"

— Eddie B.
Tempe, AZ

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