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Upland Water Heater Repair & Install

Whether your water heater is leaking, not heating up, or has completely stopped working, our team of experts is here to help. We offer both repair services and new installations, ensuring you always have access to hot water.

Water heaters are made up of many small parts. When a water heater's malfunctioning component is identified and fixed, you can save time and money by not having to replace the entire unit, which can be expensive.

Upgrading Water Heater in Upland

Enhancing your water heater in Upland, Ca. and surrounding areas offers advantages. Due to worn-out and depleted components, older water heaters may take longer to heat the water than newer models, which are more energy-efficient. Depending on the kind of water heater you have, it may eventually result in higher gas or electric bills for you.

Is Maintenance Necessary For My Water Heater?

Make sure you are taking all the necessary steps to extend the life of your water heater and its parts if it is operating correctly and there are no problems. Not only is routine maintenance advised, but it's a requirement of every manufacturer's warranty. By eliminating sediment that accumulates in your water heater due to the minerals naturally present in water, a yearly flush of your water heater helps extend the life of the unit and its parts.

The effects of thermal expansion can be countered by additional upgrades, like a thermal expansion tank. The volume of water expands as a result of thermal expansion when it gets heated. Your water heater and all of its parts, including the pipes and fittings, will endure less strain if you install a thermal expansion tank. A thermal expansion tank may be necessary in certain cities in order to comply with safety and plumbing regulations.

While keeping in mind on your budget, a licensed plumbing company like Option One Plumbing can go over the advantages and options that are best for your residence or place of business.

Traditional VS Tankless Water Heaters

Apart from financial benefits, switching from a conventional storage tank water heater to a tankless water heater also results in water bill savings. Whenever hot water is used in your home, a traditional storage tank water heater needs to be refilled. This also implies that it needs to continuously heat the water, which will use more gas or electricity and increase your expenses. Comparing a tankless water heater to a traditional tank storage water heater, the former is larger and requires more space, depending on where it is installed.

Potential Water Savings for Tankless Water Heater vs Traditional Water Heater
20 - 40% Savings



"Had to get a new water heater. They got me a new one and had it installed within 3 hrs. They hauled away the old one..My technician was Jason..very friendly and professional. I highly recommend them."

— Betty B.
Upland, CA

"I had to get my water heater replaced and called option one. John was a big help and I am glad they have a reliable worker. They got it done in no time."

— Joseph A.
Fontana, CA

"Abner was very knowledgeable of the problem and what had to be done and also checked my other pipes and did what had to be done."

— May F.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

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