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Upland California High And Low Water Pressure Diagnostics Services

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Upland Water Pressure Repair

Both high and low water pressure issues can cause havoc with your daily routine, whether it's a trickle of water when you're expecting a strong flow or a geyser-like surge from your faucets. Low water pressure can be a sign of several issues within your plumbing system. We offer water pressure diagnostics to identify the root cause and provide the necessary repairs.

Recognizing Issues with Water Pressure:

Problems with water pressure can cause serious inconvenience to any homeowner. Problems with high or low water pressure can cause disruptions to your daily routine, whether it's a trickle of water when you're expecting a strong flow or a geyser-like surge from your faucets. For prompt and effective water pressure diagnostics and repair, the professionals at Option One Plumbing are your best choice if you live in Upland, California, and are having problems with your water pressure.


High pressure can cost you on your water bill and on future repairs.

Low Water Pressure Diagnostics and Repair:

Clogged pipes, a closed shut-off valve, or even a broken line can all cause low water pressure. Option One Plumbing employs state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to identify the issue precisely. After determining the problem, we'll give you a thorough explanation and a recommended course of action.

We'll use hydro-jetting equipment or professional-grade drain snakes to unclog your pipes if necessary. We'll make sure the shut-off valve is open and operating properly if that's the problem. In the event of a more serious issue, such as a broken pipe, we will go over your best options for repair or replacement.

High Water Pressure Diagnostics and Repair:

High water pressure can be equally problematic, frequently resulting in more serious issues like pipe damage or premature aging of fixtures and appliances. A malfunctioning pressure regulator or problems with the municipal supply are frequently the cause of this issue.

Using a pressure gauge, our staff at Option One Plumbing will first check the pressure in your water. We'll check the pressure regulator and make the necessary corrections or replacements if it is higher than the typical residential range of 40 to 60 psi. If the issue is with the municipal system, we will also cooperate with the nearby water company.

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"Sean was great! Very reasonable with his pricing he advised me of my high water pressure that I will be calling for my services when I have the chance. He also gave me an option I’ve never heard of before a “hydro jet” I will be looking into this for my entire home. Definitely recommend!

— Mat B.
Upland, CA

"Quick response, great service at an awesome price. I would definitely refer and call again when necessary. Five Star Service!"

— Benjamin M.
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