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Garbage Disposals can become overloaded with large food objects, which clogs the kitchen sink drain. 

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Garbage Disposal Install Service In Upland, CA.

Garbage disposals are small devices that have a significant impact. It can be much more difficult to get rid of waste and keep kitchens clean without an effective disposal. Given the demanding work they perform, it is crucial to keep them in good condition. Give Option One a call if your garbage disposal breaks down or isn't operating as well as it used to, and we will be happy to help you determine the problem and offer repair, maintenance, and replacement options.


The average food waste produced by a household of four is 35 pounds per week, or over 2,000 pounds annually!

Garbage Disposal Tips for Upland Residents

  • To prevent the garbage disposal's blades from rusting, try running it with cold water every other day.
  • Every two weeks, clean your disposal by combining a cup of baking soda with a half cup of vinegar to kill bacteria and remove odors. You may also use ice cubes and rock salt as abrasives.
  • Only soft meals should be disposed of in your disposal; avoid using it for fibrous or hard foods. Blade damage from bones and tangled fibers within the blades can result in clogs.

A functioning garbage disposal is essential for any modern kitchen. We offer both repair services for existing units and installation services for new ones.

Garbage Disposal Does Not Turn On

Try to reset the garbage disposal (the reset button is located at the bottom of the disposal), and look for tripped breakers on your electrical service panel. When in doubt, check the GFI outlet and reset it. If there are any loose connections, you can also inspect the wiring. If there's no motor when the garbage disposal runs, changing the switch could solve the problem.

Garbage Disposal Hums But Does Not Grind

This typically occurs when the disposal's flywheel becomes jammed. Seek out any foreign objects, like a staple, plastic, coin, or twist tie. Using pliers or a gripping instrument, remove the object. There can be a hex key jam clearing tool in your disposal. Check for it taped to the disposal or under the sink. Look for a place where the tool can be inserted and rotated back and forth to release the jam at the bottom of the disposer.

Garbage Disposal Is Leaking

Any part of your trash disposal, including the drainpipe, dishwashing hose, sink flange, and bottom, may leak. Examine broken gaskets, loose hoses and bolts, degraded putty, and fractured seals to fix these leaks.

Garbage Disposal Is Not Draining Properly

Many homes find that their trash disposal is clogged, but there are solutions for dealing with a sink full of waste and water. The disposal must be dismantled, cleaned, and then reinstalled, just like any other obstruction. If the blockage continues, there may be an issue further along the drain pipe.

5 Signs You Might Need To Replace Your Garbage Disposal

Learn more about replacing your garbage disposal.



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