Frequent Clogs

Clogging of the disposal signifies that either the disposal is the improper size (small) or the blades are not functioning well and breakdown is not fully completed. If the amount of time taken to break down the food takes longer than usual, it is time to consider a replacement. Long term use may signify the breakdown of the motor or a problem with the blades.

Over Usage of Reset Button

The reset button is located on the bottom or lower back side of the garbage disposal. If the disposal gets jammed or motor overloads, the reset button will pop out and shut the unit off. Continuous pressing of the reset button for proper use, may signify that some components of the garbage disposal are failing.

Lingering Bad Odors

Strong odors coming from your sink area? You clean and rinse the garbage disposal, but the bad smell doesn’t go away? That odor can be coming from your garbage disposal brought about by the accumulation of old food and waste that the disposal has failed to properly grind due to improper unit size or failed components due to age and usage.

Leaking Garbage Disposal

There are a number of issues that can cause a leak in your garbage disposal. From an improper seal on the flange, a drain issue (clog) or from the unit itself. Constant leaking from the garbage disposal signifies that there is an issue that requires your attention.

Unfamiliar Noises

The garbage disposal contains many components that help with the process of breaking down food and other waste. If you hear unusual grinding or humming noises that persists, it may indicate that one or more components of the system such as the motor or blades has failed. Proper care & diagnosis needs to be done to eliminate other possibilities such as an obstruction to the unit. WARNING; always use caution when working in and around a garbage disposal ensuring that all safety precautions have been taken as recommended by the manufacturer.

Why Contact a plumber?

Repairs on a garbage disposal may seem like the best choice financially as you may spend less on the short-term solution. But over time the number of repairs and cost out way the financial benefits. Replacing your garbage disposal may be the best financial option long term. Consulting a plumbing expert to consider your options is recommended.
Garbage disposals are commonly found at your local hardware stores and supply houses. They are produced by many different manufacturers and come in many different sizes that finding the right fit for your home’s and family’s needs can be a bit confusing. Although our kitchen sinks and their plumbing components may look simplistic, they are much more complicated than they appear. Its simple design has a purpose and knowledge of how it all connects is necessary for long-term usage of your disposal and kitchen sink. Consult a plumbing expert like Option One Plumbing when making any repairs, replacements or upgrades to your plumbing system to ensure that you make the best decisions for your home’s plumbing.