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Rancho Cucamonga Gas Leak Detection And Repairs

From stoves, water heaters, furnaces, fireplace and outdoor barbecues, when installed and used properly, natural gas is not only safe but convenient. According to the American Gas Association, over 73 million residential, commercial, and industrial premises in the United States use natural gas. As safe and widely used as natural gas is, it is not without potential dangers. It is highly flammable, and gas leaks increase the risk of fires and explosions.

How Can I Tell If There Is A Gas Leak?

There are a few things that can help you identify if you have a gas leak. Although a strong smell of sulfur or rotten eggs is what people associate when suspecting, not every leak has a strong odor. A hissing or whistling sound heard near a gas line can be a sign. You can also identify a leak if there is white cloud or dust cloud around a gas line. A high gas bill can be a sign of a potential leak in your home. Pay close attention to sudden unaccounted spikes in your gas bill. Even the smallest leaks can attribute to a noticeable difference on your gas bill.


If you suspect a leak, don't hesitate to call us immediately at (909)466-8100. We're available 24/7 to ensure your safety and restore your peace of mind. Alternatively, you can reach us through our online contact form.

Remember, safety is paramount when it comes to gas leaks. Trust the professionals at Option One Plumbing to deliver reliable detection and repair services.

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"I had a gas line leak and they came out and repaired it with no problem. The serviceman checked the whole line to ensure there were no other issues prior to leaving. He even did a complimentary inspection of my water heater. I would gladly use them again."

— Ike H.
Eastvale, CA

"Option One came out to assist with a gas line and they were fantastic! They were quick, friendly and very professional. I would recommend Option One for plumbing and plan on using them again in the future!"

— Nicole J.

"Excellent service, extremely professional, knowledgeable, and impressive response time. I had a home gas leak and the gas company shut off my gas. When the company my HWA scheduled to do the repairs failed to show, I called Option One and Nick was there in 20 minutes. He was explained the evaluation process and provided a detailed inspection report of what needed to be repaired. I was offered multiple payment option including financing. I would highly recommend Option One."

— Cathy M.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Got to meet Jeff and his assistant today from Option One Plumbing. We has a gas leak that was caused by a poor installation prior to our home purchase. It had caused our home to be tagged by the gas company. It took a few hours to replace all of the pipes and fittings to code before cleaning up the area and making sure that all was in proper working order. Genuine people."

— Richard C.
Pasadena, CA

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