Severe blockages can result in bursting of pipes and water leakages which can be potentially damaging to your home or business. However, before you call a plumber, here are a few simple tips you can attempt when trying to clear a minor drain clog.

Use a Liquid Drain Cleaner

Caustic chemical drain cleaners can dissolve food, hair, grease and other common drain materials that clog drains and sewers. These cleaners can be purchased at your local hardware or supermarkets and have shown to be effective in some cases.
However, ensure you protect your face and hands whenever using chemicals. Remember to flush your pipes with water afterward to remove any chemical remains as they can be corrosive and can cause additional damage to your pipes if left untreated.

DIY Natural Cleaner

Don’t like using chemicals? You can make your own drain cleaner using white vinegar and baking soda. Pour the baking powder in the drain followed by vinegar then cover the drain to prevent them from bubbling out of the pipe.
The reaction between the baking powder and vinegar produces oxygen which builds inside the clogged pipes and clears them out. Repeating this process a few times gets rid of the blockage. Lastly pour some hot water to flush your pipes and remove any remaining residue.

Use of boiled water

Boiled water is an easy and quick fix for your clogged drains. Pouring boiled water into the clogged drains helps in dissolving and loosening the blockage without having to look for more extreme measures. This method is effective on grease and food blockages.
Be sure to only use this method on ceramic pipes or metals to avoid loosening the joints on PVC pipes by heat.


Just as they can be used to unblock toilets, plungers can be used to unblock clogged drains too. Covering any overflow sprouts helps in getting a secure seal which creates the up and down pressure and loosens any blockage in your pipes. This method is most useful for substantial blockages.

Methods Not Delivering the Expected Results?

The above tips are most effective on minor clogged drains and the results can sometimes be underwhelming or temporary. However, if they do not work, or you continue to experience drain clogs, you should contact a plumber. Option One Plumbing are drain specialists that can diagnose and clear any drain clog. From simple drain clogs, camera inspections, hydro jetting and sewer repairs such as trenchless or pipe bursting, Option One Plumbing has proven to deliver results.