5 Plumbing Mistakes Often Made

From cooking to bathing, plumbing plays an essential part in our lives. Avoiding costly mistakes can help in keeping our plumbing working properly and a properly working plumbing system ensures that our daily lives go on uninterrupted. Below are a few common plumbing mistakes to avoid:

Avoiding Regular Plumbing Maintenances

As mentioned above, making sure your plumbing is working properly is essential. Scheduling regular maintenance ensures that you stay vigilant on the current condition of your plumbing. Regular maintenance can help you detect possible leaks that can cause potential health issues via mold and water damage to your property, costing you money. Make sure you don’t overlook the importance of regular maintenance.

Handyman vs Licensed Plumber

Most states require plumbers to be licensed and are regulated by the state. A plumbing license certifies that they are legally able to provide services in the state and that they meet all the requirements like having the proper insurance, following and complying with building codes and laws. When hiring a handyman to work on your plumbing, you are potentially hiring unskilled labor that may be unaware of building codes or laws that can potentially put you and your plumbing at risk. When it comes to your plumbing make sure you are always hiring a licensed plumber.

DIY Plumbing

We all have rolled up our sleeves and attempted to tackle our own projects. Although some of us are handier than others, when it comes to plumbing, it is best to leave it to a licensed plumber. Although some plumbing projects may be tempting to try and do on your own, the repairs may only last temporarily and cause more damage in the long run costing you more time and money. Some plumbing repairs or additions require permits that can only be requested by licensed plumbers or contractors. Work that is not properly done or permitted may result in a loss of use of your plumbing until proper repairs can be made by a licensed plumber and inspected. As a result, you may even end up depreciating your home’s value for having unpermitted work done.

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Chemical drain cleaners can appear to be a quick and cheap way to resolve a drain clog. In some situations, they can be effective, but more often they create more damage than you’d expect. Chemical drain cleaners are very corrosive and eat away at everything including your drains. A healthy drain should not regularly back up and requires an expert to determine the root cause. Trying to simply treat the problem with harsh chemicals can be counter productive and cause more harm than good. When possible, avoid chemical drain cleaners and try a natural solution such as baking soda and vinegar. For best results contact a licensed plumber for professional drain cleaning solutions.

Not Shutting Water Off

During a plumbing emergency such as a burst pipe or overflowing toilet, it’s easy to panic. Our first instinct is to call a plumber. Although the thinking is right, the first step to minimize further damage to your home is to shut the water off either at the source of the issue or at the house’s main shut off valve. Allowing the water to continue to run during a water plumbing emergency will increase the damage to your home and property, adding additional cost in wasted water. You can avoid this by getting familiar with where and how to shut water off to appliances and fixtures such as sinks and toilets, as well as the main shut off to your home’s water supply. In the event that there is a plumbing emergency, you are better prepared to be the first line of defense.
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