cat and aerator

What is an aerator and how does it improve my plumbing?

By Option One Office | April 4, 2022

Faucet aerators are something that every efficient plumber should know about. They are small but very necessary parts of every faucet set up. They help with water savings and water flow. Without an aerator, water causes unnecessary splashing, and water sprays out with uncontrolled force. Sometimes these small parts become worn out and need replacing.…

What Qualifies As a Residential Plumbing Emergency?

By Option One Office | February 1, 2022

If you have a plumbing problem and are unsure whether it is an emergency, it is best to treat it as one and have your plumbing inspected by a professional. It is better to be careful in order to avoid a major, more expensive plumbing disaster. However, there is more to identifying your residential emergency…

Six Preventative Measures to Avoid Plumbing Problems in the Future

By Option One Office | January 20, 2022

Homeowners rarely think about “preventive plumbing” for their homes. However, there are a number of preventive measures you can take to avoid any problems with your plumbing down the road. We will go over six of them in more detail below. Clean Your Drains Routinely Instead of waiting for drain clogs to strike, you can…

Are You Wasting Water Without Realizing It?

By Option One Office | December 30, 2021

While you may not plan to waste water, it is easy to do so unknowingly and then continue to do so. Yes, you are probably using more water than you should right now and are not even aware of it! Even higher water bills may fail to warn you because, if the problem has been…

Smelly plumbing

What Could Be Causing Your Plumbing to Smell?

By Option One Office | December 14, 2021

Nobody wants the stench of a sewer wafting through their homes, but it can sometimes happen to even the cleanest abodes due to plumbing issues. If you notice foul odors in your home, you will want to identify the source and correct the problem.  This blog will look at the five most common causes of…

What You Should Know About Drain Cleaning

By Option One Office | November 22, 2021

If you have ever had a clogged drain, you know how quickly things can move from slow sink drains to a complete clog. This problem is as inconvenient as it is costly. If you want to keep your drains clean, you should become acquainted with the drain cleaning services available to you. When it comes…

Leak detection

4 Most Frequently Asked Questions About Leak Detection and Repair

By Option One Office | October 29, 2021

At Option One, one of the most important plumbing services we provide is leak detection and repair. Leaky pipes or fixtures in a home are undesirable since they waste a tremendous amount of water and contribute to mold growth and structural damage. Because much of a house’s piping is hidden, detecting leaks can be tricky…

Fontana Plumber

How to Ensure Safe Reliable Plumbing in Your Bathroom

By Option One Office | October 12, 2021

There are a number of things that you may be missing in your home. You may get away with leaving certain things out in other rooms of your home, but the bathroom is one of those rooms where you should take extra care.  Your bathroom is not the entertainment zone of the home, but it…

Chemical Drain Cleaners

Say No to Chemical Drain Cleaners!

By Option One Office | September 24, 2021

You noticed that your drains were emptying unusually slowly a few weeks ago. You waited long enough for this to turn into a full-fledged drain clog. The clog showed up at the worst possible time, and you are trying to fix your plumbing problem on your own. The only issue is that you are considering…

Is Winter Weather Harmful for My Water Heater?

By Option One Office | August 31, 2021

We have been accustomed to having hot water throughout the year that we often fail to notice how the difference in temperature affects our home plumbing. The reality is that your water heater works significantly harder to provide hot water in the winter.  Not only is the water coming into your system colder than usual,…