Electric Water HeaterSooner or later your hot water heater will need to be replaced, if you are out of hot water or if your Electric hot water heater is leaking and we receive a call before 12 pm, we will be able to schedule to install a new Electric water heater the same day. If you are not in an emergency situation, in most cases we can still perform your installation the same day you contact us. If you are interested in a quote for a tankless hot water heater, then we may schedule a time in advance in order to ensure that a qualified technician is available. Please feel free to print a coupon and present it to the service plumber at time of service.


Electric Water Heater Brands

In most cases we can repair your Electric hot water heater as long as it’s not leaking, If you jumped in the shower to find the water not getting hot, we know exactly how frustrating that can be. We can most likely repair the Electric hot water heater the same day. We often get calls for a new water heater and after we diagnose the problem, we do a simple repair and save our customers money. Give us a call and let us save you money today.


How electric water heaters work?

Cold water enters the bottom of the tank through a dip tube inside the tank much like a Gas Water Heater. Hot water is drawn off of the top of the tank through the hot water line. The element in the water heater is basically an electric rod that heats up red hot to heat the water; most electric hot water heaters have two elements and alternate when heating.


Electric Water Heater RepairKeep your electric Water Heater in good operating condition by having it flushed and the anode rod inspected annually as the manufacture recommends.

We offer a lifetime warranty on the water heaters we install and the only way we can do that is to flush it once a year and replace the anode rod when needed. We have water heaters on service agreements that have lasted over 30 years. Most hot water heaters only last a year or two after the warranty

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David from Option One arrived promptly and was very professional. He was patient with my questions about my shower and water pressure. He was very knowledgeable about the Hansgrohe shower parts he had to repair and checked my water heater at my request. I recommend David and will call him again once I need anew water heater installed! Thanks David!
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