Low-water-pressure is a frustrating issue. Although water suppliers send high water pressure, this does not necessarily assure sufficient pressure of water in the home. A restricted pipe diameter is the most common explanation for insufficient water pressure.


low water pressurePipelines Rust:

Corroded pipes decrease in size and limit water-flow therefore decreasing the volume of water and affecting the pressure. If your pipes are made of old galvinized pipes, and you are experiencing low water pressure, it might be time to consider copper repiping. Our expert plumbers have decades of experience in repiping homes and businesses.

Shared Main Water Supply Pipe:

low water pressure problemsA shared main water supply pipe may cause low-water-pressure. When you have more than one home sharing the incoming water supply pipe, you may experience water-pressure-fluctuations or insufficient water pressure when several fixtures are using water at the same time. You might even experience elevated pressure during off peak hours of use.

Water Leaks:

low water pressure leakBroken or leaky underground pipes, concrete slab leaks or water leaks will reduce the water pressure. The first clues are an usually high water bill or a wet spot / hot spot on the floor. Check the water meter for water leaks. Record the numbers shown on the meter. Come back to inspect the water meter after a couple of hours of not using any water. If the meter has any activity you may have a water leak in or around the home. Get a leak detection service performed by Option One plumbers before any damage occurs.

Option One Plumbing can provide a range of solutions for low water pressure complications such as adjusting pressure regulators, installing water pressure pumps or re-piping. Water pressure regulators are optimal for optimizing low-water-pressure in households getting inadequate community water pressure.

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